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Any company that charges upfront fees should be avoided.
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Facing Foreclosure or Late on Payments? Home or Condo worth less than what you paid for it?

Florida Foreclosure and short sale help?

We Can Help

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The Short Sale Solution

When a lender or mortgage holder agrees to do a short sale, it means the lender or mortgage holder is accepting less than what is owed on the mortgage.

A short sale means the seller's lender is accepting a discounted payoff to release an existing mortgage instead of foreclosing.


Any company that charges upfront fees should be avoided



Modifications for Florida homeowners do not work in 99% of the cases. values have come down so much through the Stateof Florida, a reduction in the interest rate will usally make no difference. The truth is, unless your lender will make a significant principal reduction, a short sale is the best solution. Learn More here about the Obama plan.

Sell Your Home - Avoid/Prevent Foreclosure on Your Home or Condo With a Short Sale


Jared Dalto and his team at Seawinds Realty, Inc. can help you with your short sale locally in Florida. We have experience in the short sale process and along with a local real estate attorney can provide the best chance of getting you out of your home as easily as possible. When you are looking for a company to help you with your home or condo you want trustworthy and ethical people helping. We have very high success rate closing short sales.

We understand that this is a sensitive time for you and are compassionate to your needs and will try to make this process as easy and painless as possible from this point forward. Trustworthy, ethical professionals.

  • With an experienced Florida attorney on your side you will have the best advice available
  • With a experienced Florida Realtor you'll have local assistance
  • We provide the same quality level service we would expect
  • If you have any questions we will answer them or find out the answers as quickly as possible
  • Trust and Ethics above everything else! With the sharks swimming and taking advantage of many people in financial
    distress you can rest well at night knowing we are on your side.
Florida Short Sale Blog

As the summer draws to a close, you can expect more short sales to enter the pipeline with both distressed homeowners and lenders trying to work out an agreement so that both enjoy a win-win situation.
Just to remind you
It definitely is not surprising if you have grown to be familiar with short sale properties. With the real estate industry still suffering from the mortgage debacle, there is still a significant number of homeowners who are hoping to avoid a foreclosure with a short sale.

Times have certainly changed considering it was not long ago when the mere mention of short sale is enough to give someone an anxiety attack. It was not a common transaction and this could probably be the reason why, until today, there are still plenty of myths about short sale.

For your peace of mind, consider the following debunked myths:

1. Buyers interested in a short sale home can simply offer an amount below market value and the lender will accept it.

Although it is true these properties are sold at a discount, most lenders will still look at the home
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