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About Us

All Home Owners Receive Free Service from a Licensed Real Estate Agent and our Attorney.

NOT ALL SHORT SALE COMPANIES ARE THE SAME. When it comes to negotiations and legal advice who is representing you? We have heard horror stories of short sale clients who use, “mitigation” services. 99% of these companies DO NOT have any attorney on staff. They are simply owned and operated by people who have given themselves the label or title to themselves. Yes, they may have experience but do they have an expert attorney on staff with extensive short sale experience? Do they have someone who provides legal advice as it pertains to your situation?

I cannot say it enough, professional consultation and advice will be provided to you. I have been providing genuine help to those that need it most. I have personally helped people avoid foreclosure when the property was going to auction 30 days later. We have concern for your needs and have the experience to help.


This is where we come in!

Your Attorney

  • Lectured to the Florida Bar on short sales
  • Lectured to the Florida Association of Realtors about short sales
  • Lectured to local Realtor Associations throughout Florida on short sales
  • Extensive short sale negotiation experience
  • Has contacts with most lenders
  • Negotiated 100’s of successful short sales


All of our clients receive expert advice and knowledgeable professional Real Estate Agents who understand the short sale process.

Expert Advice and experience with short sales are among the highest on the list when looking for a Licensed Florida Realtor. We all have experience with short sales and know how to price a property properly. We have heard of many cases where a property has stayed on the market for 6 or more months without as much as an offer! The property was probably over priced. One cannot simply place the home on the market for sale at an extremely low price either since it undermines the purpose of a short sale. It must be priced to sell at market value. Comparison homes and the buyer determine value. Every Realtor with us understands the art of providing comparison properties to price your home right. The property must be priced right to sell now not later, since time is not on your side.


Your Licensed Realtors

  • Knowledge of local market conditions
  • Versed in the short sale process
  • Know what to say to lenders
  • Educates the buyer’s agent on what will happen with their offer (very important)
    • We educate the buyer’s agent before they write the offer on your property. The agent and buyer must understand the short sale process takes time and be prepared for it to take months.
    • The buyer’s agent and buyer(s) must sign an addendum that protects you in the short sale contract.
    • The buyer’s agent must have a pre-qualified buyer who is ready willing and able to purchase the property.


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