Why Opt for a Short Sale?

A short sale is a real estate property sale whose sales proceeds are much lesser than the debt amount owed on the property. Short sale is normally resorted to when the borrower is unable to pay the due mortgage amount, because of which the property is decided to be sold at a moderate loss than wait for the borrower to pay it back. This also helps prevent foreclosure, a process that costs the lender dearly and also reduces the borrower’s credit score.

Advantages of a Short Sale

Homeowners normally prefer a short sale over foreclosure and loan modifications. This is because:

  • They get relief from mortgage payments and related stress
  • Dignity in having sold the property
  • Chance to save their credit record, since it is not reported as foreclosure to the credit bureau
  • A faster option than the mortgage foreclosure process
  • Escape the stigma of foreclosure
  • To be eligible to purchase another home in two years
  • If the payment is not late by more than 60 days, they can purchase a home immediately.

The 2008 financial crisis has enhanced banks’ acceptance of short sales. This is because the declining market has turned several banks averse to taking over property and more open towards offering concessions on debt. A short sale is beneficial to all parties including the lender, the borrower and the buyer. While the lender recovers at least some part of the money lent, the seller gets rid of the property and the buyer gets to purchase a property at a discounted price.

Any homeowner who can demonstrate financial hardship or insolvency, and prove his inability to make the mortgage payment is eligible for short sale. Several homeowners are also worried about receiving IRS Form 1099 from the loan servicer about the forgiven loan amount. However, this is a relatively smaller menace when compared to other options, such as foreclosure, which stays on one’s credit report for 10 years and lowers the credit score by as much as 350 points.  A short sale, on the other hand, stays for a shorter period on your credit and lowers credit score only by around 80-150 points.

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