Writing the Florida Short Sale Qualification Letter

It is not unusual for Florida short sale Realtors to ask troubled homeowners considering a short sale to write a qualification letter. This document actually serves as the cover letter of the short sale proposal and contains a brief explanation on why you should be considered for a short sale.

What to keep in mind:

Be acceptable of your circumstances. Your lender might be more than considerate if your letter shows accountability. After all, everyone can make a mistake and in your case, a financial hardship is not really something which has no way out. By accepting your situation, you come off as a mature and responsible individual.

Say it directly. A Florida short sale qualification letter should be direct to the point. There is actually no room for “drama” and you can leave that to the Hardship Letter. Just think of it as writing an essay wherein you focus on the highlights of the problem leading you to your current situation. Avoid flowery phrases and be as honest as possible.

Tell it like a story. Although you need to be straightforward and brutally honest, it does not mean you will have to put the lender to sleep. Make sure you fill up the gaps in your story, so the lender will have a clear picture of your situation. For instance, explain the circumstances of your job loss in such a way the how, why, when and what questions of the lender are addressed. Leave no room for guessing.

When writing this Florida short sale qualification letter, you need to remember what you are asking for is actually a privilege, so you need to be polite and humble. You are actually appealing for a chance to avoid foreclosure and coming off as demanding will not help your cause.